We are all mountains, valleys, plains and oceans ... And just as you would not cut an arm of a person you should not cut a mountain.


The "Topographies" series consists of a critique of the relationship between the human being and his environment, both natural and built.

Each piece was made with paper certified as sustainable, and through its layering it is capable to give dimension to the human figures and landscape in each one.

As part of our education and culture as Costa Ricans we are very focused in the environment and its sustainability, but we have also come to accept indiscriminated changes in our natural environment. As an example of this we can find how the Zurquí tunnel crossed through a mountain in the middle of a natural park, and it has become a project-scar in the environment which we see as an “evil necessity”.

Mountains, like us, are living beings, who feel and repress what is done to them. They feel through their ecosystems, do their best to recover and this is how these projects-scars appear. Thousands of ecosystems of all sizes inhabit them, and these "cuts" through them affect many species who may be separate from their homes, food and the rest of the herd.

My pieces seeks to personify these damages in the environment by means of its representation in the human figure, accompanied by similar phrases to:


You wouldn’t cut through the breast of a woman, but you would through a mountain?


This series is born as a personal concern, and it seeks to allow architects, urban planners and citizens to reflect on these effects in all our projects.